Our Promise

It is not about what we know about our islands & heritage, but it is how we let you see it through our eyes and our passion.

Come with Atmosphere and discover for yourself an exotic range of cultural experiences and spectacular sights in nature. Get to know the local culture and tradition and the people, learn of our ancestors and history, and depart our shores more culturally enriched and with wonderful memories to be cherished forever.

Atmosphere is an indigenous Ni-Vanuatu company owned and managed by Bradley (Brad) and Ashley Karae.

The company has a dedicated team of drivers and tour guides who will inspire you with their passion, knowledge of and love for their country intertwined with their contagious sense of humour.

The Atmosphere Team will do all that they can to ensure that you not only visit Vanuatu, but that you truly experience and appreciate it.

Atmosphere – Vanuatu’s up-and-emerging Inbound Tour Operator!