Private Round Island Tour 11th February 2019 (Cas Group)

Tour is available every day.

For Cruisers: Starts 45 minutes after the cruise ship actually berths and finishes 1 hour before scheduled departure time.

Others: 08:30 am to 04:30 pm

We pick you up anywhere in Port Vila.

Note:  For discount group bookings please book two (2) paying children under 12 years as one (1) adult. For example group of 4 children and 4 adults should be booked as 6 adults discount group.




Stop 1: Iarofa Village

An amazing cultural experience!! Visit and experience our traditional practices and skills, and be mesmerised by custom dancing and an amazing fire-walking display!!

Stop 2: Blue Lagoon and Eton Village

A wonderful quirk of nature! The water is slightly salty and so blue perhaps from the limestone fresh water springs and the tidal sea water. Try the rope swings into the water. Refreshments included, local organic fruits in season & juices

Stop 3: Eton Village & Eton Primary School

Chat with the teachers & mingle with the pikininis (the students) or tour the school and gain an insight into how our children receive their learning. You will be touched.

If you are lucky, they might sing for you or invite you to join them in a game of soccer or volleyball.

Come & see for yourself

Stop 4: Pangpang

See the huge ancient banyan trees and learn the difference between the male and female trees and their use by our ancestors.

Stop 5: Beach-Side Restaurant

Buffet lunch to live local string band music by the beach.

Stop 6: WW2 Relics

This is Ernest’s story and collection, a man passionate about this part of our rich history.

Stop 7: Gideon’s Landing

Visit Vanuatu Survivor Beach and and enjoy afternoon coffee / tea.

Snorkeling opportunity, if time permits.


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