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Marine Conservation Tour Option 2

Tour is available every day.

For Cruisers: Starts 45 minutes after the cruise ship actually berths and finishes 5 to 6 hours later.

Others: 08:30 am to 02:00 pm

We pick you up anywhere in Port Vila.

Note:  For discount group bookings please book two (2) paying children under 12 years as one (1) adult. For example group of 4 children and 4 adults should be booked as 6 adults discount group.



Stop 1: Lololima Cascades

Port Vila’s hidden gem.

Efate island is blessed with an abundance of beautiful natural attractions; many with well-trodden paths leading to them. But there are also the little-known roads less travelled; roads taking you away from the crowd at the usual tourist-traps and leading to some of Nature’s hidden gems.

Lololima Cascades Waterfall is a fine example of this. Many we have taken there have described the place as breathtakingly beautiful and have enjoyed the serenity instilled by this gift from Mother Nature away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds.

This tour is not only about getting wet and having fun, but we have tried to keep the place the way we had found it, thereby giving you the opportunity to enjoy and explore its unspoilt surrounds with its flora and fauna, many of which you will learn contribute one way or another to our way of life as food and/or medicine.

Stop 2: Crystal Blue Resort

The Resort raises turtles from hatchings collected in the wild for releasing into the sea after they have matured to a certain age. You will also get to see the giant coconut crab and other local wildlife at this Resort’s marine conservation project.

Stop 3: Eratap Village & Kindergarden School

This a self-funded school and you will not believe the environment/building in which these children receive their lessons each day!

Stop 4: Aquana Beach Resort

Lunch at Aquana and enjoy this resort’s amenities!


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